Sheppard have opened up on their feud with fellow artist Katie Noonan, which again blew up at the recent Commonwealth Games, when the Brisbane band turned down an offer to perform at the opening ceremony which Noonan served as musical director for. 

After also accusing the Games organisers of "ripping off artists" Sheppard discussed the beef in a new interview with The Courier-Mail, claiming Noonan called the band out in 2016 as "disrespectful and lazy" for not attending the Queensland Music Awards. 

Singer and keyboardist George Sheppard claimed the reason behind their absence was due to a sabbatical they took to North Stradbroke Island to "reconnect and not let the band fall apart".

"(Noonan) had no idea what was going on behind the scenes but still used the platform to call us out as being disrespectful and lazy," he said.

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"We just thought it was all a bit uncalled for. No bad blood or anything, but when it came time for us to stick up for ourselves in the Commonwealth Games scenario, we were less likely to be on her side."

The Commonwealth Games closing ceremony was also widely panned by viewers, with one of its own performers, Guy Sebastian, saying the backlash was "deserved".

"I think it's deserved (the backlash), but none of us performers got paid for that," Sebastian said.

"I had paparazzi accosting me outside my hotel the next day saying 'Why’d you make it all about you?' I'm like, 'Dude, I didn't run it. I didn't organise it, I'm here for free'."

The Music has contacted Noonan for comment.

Sheppard's new album, Watching The Sky, is out now.