Peking Duk's call-up yesterday to perform at game one of this year's State Of Origin is considered a massive coup for the duo, however some are struggling to understand it — specifically, 2GB's Ray Hadley. 

Speaking on his show yesterday, the veteran shock jock thought that the press release issued yesterday was (*sigh*) about the dish, not the band. 

"I got really excited a short time ago. Into the studio came an NRL release – 'Peking Duk in Melbourne'," Hadley said.

"I thought, 'You little beauty, I love peking duck'… the hoisin sauce, the duck, the pancakes, spring onions.

"I thought, well this must be something about what’s coming into the media boxes… but I was wrong."

After playing Peking Duk's hit 2014 track, Take Me Over, Hadley had some questions. 

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"Hang on, just hold the phone here. I've got to understand this and I don't understand it. So, that's not Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles singing, is that correct?" he asked his producers while on air.

"Well, what are they doing? They're playing the music? So, what I want to ask now is… who's singing the song? Because let's credit them… if it's just the boys standing there playing their turntables, it won't be as good as these people singing."

After learning that the vocals on the single of course come from fellow Canberra outfit SAFIA, Hadley then pushed for the trio to also perform at the pre-game show entertainment at the MCG on 6 June.

"Can someone tell me why [SAFIA] need Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles, because I think they're pretty good?"

"My question to the National Rugby League - if Peking Duk are coming will they bring [SAFIA]?"

Meanwhile, Peking Duk will wrap up their national tour in Adelaide and Perth this weekend — Maybe Ray should head along? 

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