Melbourne band Fan Girl have announced they will be taking time off following the recent passing of founding member, Jack Wood, at the age of 24.

Wood was the central songwriter for the indie-pop outfit and worked as a producer and engineer on their March-released debut album, Elephant Room.

Fan Girl have described the musician as "the heart and soul" of the group. 

"Creatively, Jack had no boundaries. He didn’t approach music or art in a traditional way," the band said in a statement.

"This made him an incredibly exciting person to work with, and made Fan Girl an incredibly special band to be a part of. Almost every magic musical moment on the album, any brilliant cover idea or any great video concept was Jack’s."

Wood was also a core member of Taste Police HQ — a studio have recently been setting up in Brunswick. 

"He was vital to the creative pursuits of many, and often the source of inspiration for friends’ writing," the band said.

"He was fiercly dedicated and focused, and the most encouraging and supportive person we will ever know.

"More importantly, Jack was a beautiful friend to many and will be sorely missed by us all. We can’t put in to words how much we love him, and how lucky we were to have experienced life with him.

"We will be taking some time off. Thank you for all the tremendous support and love over the last two years, it has been nothing short of amazing. Please take care of each other, and please tell your loved ones how much they mean to you."