Australian Cinemas and Disney are facing a wave of scrutiny following the decision to screen the new Avengers: Infinity War film on Anzac Day, one day earlier then the usual Thursday film release.

As The Daily Telegraph reports, the new Marvel blockbuster will commence screenings across the country next Wednesday morning, hours before shops and bars even open. 

The Today Show host Kyle Stefanovic slammed the move as a "grubby cash grab" this morning and called for Australians to boycott the cinema on Anzac Day. 

"It is on parents, take your kids to the Dawn Service, take them to the War Memorial in Canberra, take them to your local Cenotaph, look at the names," he said.

"The Diggers who died, Diggers not much older than them. For who? For us. I might be a wowzer, but please keep this day sacred.

"I love Thor, but let’s remember and respect what Anzac Day is really for."

Minister for Veterans Affairs, David Elliott, also opposed the film's Anzac Day release, saying the occasion is not a "commercial or entertainment opportunity".

"I think most community minded people would agree the sacredness of Anzac Day should not be compromised by a movie premiere," Elliott said.

"Also, I don’t think it is too much for those who decline the opportunity to attend Anzac Day events to at least show some level of restraint while Veterans, war widows, Legatees and the broader community commemorate this solemn occasion."

Following its LA premiere on 23 April, Avengers: Infinity War will open in the UK on the 26th and in the US on the 27th.