Just days out from its 2018 event, Coachella is being sued by the family of a worker who was killed in a car accident near its campsite in 2016. 

According to TMZ, the parents of Micha'la Josephine Freeland are suing the festival for failing to provide safety provisions and are seeking damages for their daughter's death. 

It's reported that Freeland, who was working at Coachella as a security employee, was hit by a Jeep Cherokee while crossing Avenue 52 — an unpaved dirt road — on her way back to a campsite and died later at hospital due to the injuries.

Freeland's parents have alleged that Coachella management knew employees would need to travel from the festival to the campsite on the Avenue 52 road and failed to provide temporary pedestrian barricades, fences, lighting and warning signs.

Coachella is yet to publicly respond to the lawsuit.