Eagles Of Death Metal fans have flocked to the band's social media pages to express their distaste over the comments made by frontman Jesse Hughes about the March For Our Lives rally.

Hughes took to Instagram yesterday, sharing a number of posts that condemned the rallies, which were organised in reactions to the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that resulted in 17 fatalities.

All five of yesterday's posts, including one that attacked Stoneman Douglas High School student and survivor Emma Gonzalez, have been removed from Instagram.

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The removal has not stopped fans and followers from leaving disparaging comments on the band's Facebook and other social media platforms.

"I can't support a musician who spouts off against innocent kids," one fan on Facebook said.

"#EaglesofDeathMetal owes these children and their families a massive apology."

Many posters are using the platform to denounce their following of the band.

"I've been a fan for over 15 years but I'm out. Can't support a person who attacks children defending their right to live without fear." another Facebook fan said.

Eagles Of Death Metal were the target of the Paris Bataclan Theatre terror attacks in November 2015 which killed 89 people.

See more fan reactions below.