If you are an independent promoter, venue owner, venue manager or band booker then listen up because applications for Music Victoria’s Live Music Professionals Program are open for 2018.

The lucky participants will be linked with some of Victoria’s most prominent music industry professions for invaluable one-on-one coaching sessions.

“The idea behind this program, which is completely free, is to upskill people to create a sustainable and long-term business that supports live, original, contemporary music,” Live Music Professionals Project Manager Sarah Deborre told The Music.

“This is a coaching program, that’s open to people of all ages. So in last year’s program, we had people in their early twenties to people in their mid-sixties.”

2017’s program saw participants gain important insight from the likes of publicist and manager Carolyn Logan, owner of The Tote and Bar Open Jon Perring, Groovin The Moo festival booker Richard Moffat, manager and co-producer of the Hills Are Alive Festival Aidan McLaren, and Alex Zaccaria of digital marketing agency Bolster.

“Everything is tailored to our applicant's skills gap, through a session with me we determine where they most need support and then choose coaches accordingly,” Deborre said.

The program has the potential to lead to great things within the industry, as 2017 participant and booker Jeremy Furze found out.

“The program connected me with some really great people working all over the industry and has given me great inspiration about ways to grow and improve our business,” Furze said,

“As a result of the program, we have implemented a new marketing plan for Some Velvet Morning which has helped considerably, not only in growing sales but also in professional headspace as we take on a second venue.”

Applications for Live Music Professionals are open now with the program running from July to November.

Live Music Professionals comes from Victorian Government initiative Music Under Wings.

Click here to apply.