Roll up, roll up! Aussie artists absolutely slayed their SXSW showcases last week, here's part three of all the action that went down when Australia took over Austin.

thandi phoenix

day 1

"The one. The only. Craaaab Shaaack. That’s where it’s at. (And yes I was singing Love Shack the duration of our meal) never had this much crab before but I highly recommend Ragin Cajun. Check the size of the‘Lagerita too - (margarita with a baby bottle of beer), madness."

day 2

"Here’s me with my band at our new home. These have been our first shows playing overseas and my fave by far was tonight. Looking forward to our next set here for The Aussie BBQ."

day 3

"Today, I found myself in a whole new dimension at SXSW. A new world of gamers, 12 sided dice and cosplay. It was something. Something very unique. I think I can say I’ll leave that world behind me now."

day 4

"Never know who you’ll bump into at Australia House! Shun and Miru from Yahyel. They're a sick electronic band from Japan that I discovered only a day prior, after catching the end of their show. From the looks of this photo it seems they could have a new member."

day 5

"It's been a massive week, I was so wrecked I didn’t even make it into bed hahahaha. Nine shows in total, SXSW its been wild and fun. Until next time…"

The Teskey brothers

"Arriving was already a good time."

"Sam is really digging the food here."

"We played at a private party for celebrity chef Rachael Ray. They passed around puppies for guests to hold and this is our manager Jeremy making the most of a good pupportunity."

"RVG Killing it at Tim Tam Slam. One of our favourite bands in Australia at the moment!"

"There wasn’t much time to relax."

"At the very last minute, we found two horn players from Pittsburgh. They play in a band called The Commonheart, who are also showcasing this week. Amazing people and players! They’ve agreed to join us on tour next week too!"

"The end."

totally mild

"LA was very nice! We ate Mexican food 4 meals in a row and then I spent $25 on salad at an organic supermarket."

"Always waiting for Ubers, always full of doubt that our copious amounts of stuff will fit in the boot. Sorry, the 'trunk'. My Uber rating has taken a huge plunge since the tour started."

"Something, something, Valium."

"That’s a spicy meatball — he sips, he scores! We played our first show at SXSW in the carpark of a hotel on the side of a highway but they did make us a nice Bloody Mary."

"Pillow fight! This is our favourite diner, we eat like a family at Kellogg’s. French Onion soup all round! A woman saw my boots under the bathroom stall and said ‘sorry Sir, I thought this was the ladies!’ ???????????? America."

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