With a little over 24 hours until voting stops for the inaugural Hardest 100, the window to go in the running for the ultimate heavy music prize is quickly closing.

If you haven't voted yet and are stumped when it comes to picking your top ten favourite heavy tracks, let some people who know best help.

Korn's Jonathan DavisThe Dead Daisies and Motley Crue's John Carabi and Europe's Joey Tempest told The Music what would make their list. 

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You have until 5pm AEDT Wednesday afternoon to cast your vote and go in the draw to win the ultimate heavy music prize - a double pass to Download Festival Melbourne 2018 (including flights and accommodation from their nearest capital city), five $50 24Hundred vouchers, a double pass to BIGSOUND 2018 live shows and a $250 Oztix voucher. 

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jonathan davis

"Helmet's In The Meantime, I love that song. Pantera's Walk. Cannibal Corpse's Stripped, Raped & Strangled, that's my jam. I love that band. Sepultura's Roots Bloody Roots is another. I'm sure I'm forgetting tonnes, but those are ones just off the top of my head."

john carabi

"I just love the Master of Reality album by Black Sabbath. I love the song Lord of This World from that album. I love Sevendust; I have just about everything Sevendust has ever recorded. I think those guys are great, very under-rated. I'm a huge fan of Pantera – Vulgar Display of Power and Cowboys From Hell. Love that stuff.

"You know what's weird? A lot of people don't realise it, but I really dig, from a heavy point of view… looking at it now, you might go, 'yeah, it's not really that heavy, it's more of a classic thing'. But I'll tell you what, a lot of the early, early Grand Funk Railroad stuff, when they were a three-piece. Some of the riffs they had… I think some of their stuff was pretty heavy for the time. Songs like Sin's A Good Man's Brother, it's pretty heavy stuff."

joey tempest

"If we start from the new millennium, there are some amazing tracks. I mean, Rival SonsPressure & Time is very, very important. The drum sound and the recording, and the singing was done… the production was Dave Cobb, that's how we found our producer. We heard that recording and it was like, 'We have to work with this guy'. He records stuff the way it should be recorded. Also, another song that's very important for us when we go into the studio, we always play this for our engineers and producers, Cochise by Audioslave. Those two songs are so important for us, and I think also for the rock community.

"If you want to bring earlier stuff, there's so much good stuff. I like Deep Purple's Perfect Strangers, 'cause when that album came out, we were working on (1984's) Wings of Tomorrow. We were ready to go out in the world, and all of a sudden Deep Purple are reforming and doing an album, and we got to see Blackmore and Gillan together with Jon Lord and everybody in Stockholm. We went, the whole band to see them. So I just remember that sticking out as a great track. The first song that introduced me to Led Zeppelin was Black Dog, and I remember hearing that riff and that vocal, and Robert Plant has been my hero, he was back then. I remember that song sticking out in my mind as well. Others? Thin Lizzy's Black Rose. I love that song."

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