Police handed out multiple charges across Sydney's Secret Garden, Sydney City Limits​ and ​The Supremacy​ dance party, as well as Melbourne's Road To Ultra​ this past weekend.

NSW police confirmed in separate statements that 38 punters attending Secret Garden in Camden were hit with drug and drug-driving offences, while Sydney City Limits saw 62 people charged with possess prohibited drug after illicit drugs were located.

Two punters were also charged for assaulting police at the Centennial Park festival and one person was taken to hospital due to a suspected overdose.

A further 36 drug detections were made at The Supremacy, held at Sydney Olympic Park, which included a 21-year-old man who was in possession of 236 MDMA capsules and over $6000 in cash.

Police seized about 835 capsules of MDMA during the event.

Over 60 people required treatment by medical staff at the event and one attendee was taken to Concord Hospital for a ketamine overdose.

"Those who engage in this behaviour need to take a long, hard look at themselves," Detective Chief Inspector Gus Viera said.

"Not only do you compromise your life by taking illicit drugs, you gamble with your whole future by running the risk of a criminal record."

Meanwhile, Music Feeds has reported that 50 arrests were made at Melbourne's Ultra festival, 45 of which were diversions. Three resulted in drug charges.