Plans to redevelop Sydney's Bondi Pavilion are set to be scrapped in favour of a "community friendly" alternative. 

As ABC reports, a submission to Waverley Council recommends that the development application for the plans (which would reportedly cost $38 million) be pulled. 

Mayor of Waverley, John Wakefield, says Council is now looking at "a much more modest renovation", with the Pavilion's music room and theatre to simply be refurbished. 

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"I can guarantee that the community use of the Bondi Pavilion will be retained," Wakefield said.

"The building will be renovated in much the form that you see now."

The adjusted renovations will cost an estimated $20-25 million. 

The news follows protests from a number of big-name Australian acts, Dave Faulkner and Art Vs Science, recorded most of their 2015 album Off the Edge of the Earth and Into Forever, Forever at the community-owned studio.


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