Brisbane’s Last Dinosaurs are back in a big way, dropping an ultra-catchy single and accompanying video that features fellow Brisso legend, comedian Aaron Gocs.

Dominos, taken from the outfit's upcoming LP, is the first we’ve heard from the band since the 2015 album Wellness and it marks an evolution in style from the indie foursome.

"We’ve been on a long journey since releasing our last album, and Dominos is just one segment of a huge Venn diagram that covers the ups and downs of personal experiences," vocalist Sean Caskey said.

"Ultimately this song was a declaration to make big and difficult changes in order to turn things around for the better."

The tongue-in-cheek video features Gocs, who you may remember from his beloved Ocean Girl recreations, as a Last Dinosaur superfan that actually turns out to be a demon trying to steal the band’s souls. It’s a cameo that the group has been hounding for quite some time.

"I've known Aaron for a few years and remembered that he'd mentioned being keen to be in a music video down the road, so we were so glad when he was keen for this one,” Caskey said.

“The whole clip was basically built around the premise of Aaron fulfilling the role. We've loved his subtle style of comedy for a long time and could imagine that unassuming character would fit perfectly."

Check out the new song and video below.