This weekend (24 February) marks the four-year anniversary of an evil curse being cast over the nightlife of Sydney a.k.a the day that the lockout laws were introduced. Keep Sydney Open aren’t giving up, however, starting a campaign to take over the infamous date.

The organisation is encouraging supporters to wear Keep Sydney Open t-shirts and change their social media profile pics to send a message that the fight is not over.

"In four years, the NSW Government has introduced negligible changes to the lockout laws, simultaneously trying to claim they support a vibrant while maintaining the existing regime," Keep Sydney Open spokesperson Tyson Koh said.

Under the lockout laws, a number of previously thriving venues have been forced to close their doors including Newtown Social Club, Goodgod Small Club and many more.

"Meanwhile, the few venues we have are suffering, bands and DJs struggle for a decent living and Sydney’s reputation around the world as a city for babies and retirees is reinforced.  Name a city that’s proud of empty streets? It’s not right."

"The lockouts have dragged on but people are still eager for change. KSO has been engaging with policymakers, meeting with industry, staging events and working on other areas of legislation connected to live and electronic music. But now’s a good time to get back into some IRL activism,"

 "We won’t stop until Sydney is free of lockouts once and for all."