For the 21st year running MBM is presenting a new comedy at Adelaide Fringe, this time putting their head on the auction block to lampoon the real estate industry.

Following on from previous offerings like Barrackers, Pricks, Virgins, Chalkies, PIGS, WAGS,, Bogans, The Luv Boat and My Kitchen Fools, this year's show is dubbed Matt Byrne's Hott Property and you can catch it at Maxim's Wine Bar from 13 Feb to 17 Mar.

The show follows the morally, and often financially, bankrupt Red Hott and his family as they try to shill houses on everyone from a trigger-happy father and son to two born-again missionaries.

"We rack up 21 years of my crazy comedies by heading into the rollercoaster world of real estate," explains Byrne.

"We sing and dance and give the audience an interactive evening where they become part of the action and the big Act Two auction for everyone's dream home."