Justin Timberlake took to the Super Bowl stage today for the first time since 2004 and the reviews are…mixed.

There were rumours flying that Timberlake would sing with a hologram Prince due to this year’s Super Bowl being held in the icon’s home town of Minneapolis. This stirred some controversy due to the singer famously telling Guitar World in 1998 that post-mortem holograms performances were “demonic”.

update —  Justin Timberlake On Prince Tribute At Super Bowl: 'The Ultimate Homage To The GOAT'

As it turns out, there was no hologram, instead Timberlake sung the Prince classic I Would Die 4 You with a purple piano set against a gigantic projection of the legend himself.

Although, Prince's wishes weren’t technically disrespected, fans have taken to social media to voice their disapproval over the performance. 

However, there were also those praising the singer for his high energy show. Even Ellen DeGeneres got in a compliment for JT.

Prince's 2007 Super Bowl performance is widely considered one of the most iconic halftime shows in the history of the event.

Whether you loved or hated JT's performance, there was one thing that everyone agreed on.