Fortitude Valley’s licenced venues have been asked to introduce new measures in a counter-terrorism effort and venue runners are getting on board with the changes.

Speaking to The Music, The Elephant Hotel Assistant Manager Ashley Hooker, explains how the establishment have welcomed the requests.

“We fully support QPS in their measures for counter terrorism, we will comply 100% with any ideas they have towards increasing awareness and having incident preparedness,” Hooker said.

“I think anything we can do to be prepared is always going to be a good idea, it all contributes to safety for our venue, staff, customers and business and hopefully other venues will also get on board.”

As reported by ABC, The Safe Night Precinct in conjunction with Queensland Police, earlier in the week, emailed venues around the nightclub precinct requesting that owners prepare a “grab bag” of items in the event of a terrorism related occurrence.

The list of requested items include security codes, staff contact lists, a USB with floor and CCTV plans, glow sticks and a disposable camera.

Secretary of the Fortitude Valley Safe Night Precinct, Simon Turner, stressed that the requests are preventative measures and that there were no heightened risk of attack for Brisbane businesses.

The Music has reached out to other precinct venues for comment.