Australian actor and musician Craig McLachlan has denied claims of indecent assault, sexual assault, exposing himself and bullying female colleagues. 

As Fairfax reports, a number of female cast members of the 2014 Rocky Horror Show production, in which McLachlan starred as Frank N Furter, have made allegations against the Gold Logie Award-winning 52-year-old, including two women who have lodged complaints with Victorian police.

One of the women, model and actress, Erika Heynatz, described McLachlan as "really calculated and very manipulative, a predator".

Another unnamed actress claims there is "another side" to McLachlan that the public doesn't see. 

"He's a larrikin, up for a laugh and certainly, when we all first met him, that's indeed how he came across," she said.

"But there is another side to this man that he has very, very craftily and cleverly disguised from people for so long. It's like this split personality. The other personality is this sinister, predatory behaviour."

Christie Whelan Browne, who performed in the lead role of Janet in the 2014 production, also alleged she was indecently assaulted during the live show, claiming McLachlan would go off-script during a sex scene.

Currently in Adelaide in support of the 2018 production of Rocky Horror Show, McLachlan slammed the allegations in an email statement as "baseless" and said "they seem to be simple inventions, perhaps made for financial reasons, perhaps to gain notoriety".

"The allegations are ALL made up," the email states.

The Music has contacted the publicity team for the Rocky Horror Show for comment.

As well as starring in popular Australian shows like Home & Away and Packed To The Rafters, McLachlan released three studio albums between 1990-1996 and a number of hit songs such as Mona.