2017 offered A LOT of great albums, songs, TV and gigs. Each year, The Music editorial team and contributors sit down, pull out our notepads and work out what we thought was the best of the best for the year. Now, the time has come for you, our beloved readers, to judge the bejesus out The Music team's end of year lists. Be kind.

Andrew Mast (Group Managing Editor)
Bryget Chrisfield (Contributing Editor)
Daniel Cribb (Digital Editor, WA)
Jessica Dale (Assistant Editor/Social Media Coordinator)
Mark Neilsen (National Print Editor)
Neil Griffiths (Senior Digital Editor, NSW)
Sam Wall (Editorial Assistant)
Velvet Winter (Digital Editor, Qld)

Adam Wilding
Anthony Carew
Ben Nicol
Brendan Crabb
Brendan Delavere
Calogero Algeri
Carley Hall
Cassie Warriner
Cate Summers
Chris Familton
Chris Maric
Christopher H James
Craig English
Cristiana Linthwaite-Gibbins
Ellen Hewitt
Emily Blackburn
Emily Dunn
Emma Salisbury
Guido Farnell
Hurb Jephasun
Jake Sun
James d'Apice
Jeff Jenkins
Joe Dolan
Karen Lowe
Kate Kingsmill
Kelly Herbison
Liz Giuffre
Lukas Murphy
Mac McNaughton
Madelyn Tait
Mark Beresford
Mark Hebblewhite
Matt MacMaster
Melissa Borg
Mick Radojkovic
Mikaelie A Evans
Mitch Knox
MJ O'Neill
Nick Price
Rod Whitfield
Roshan Clerke
Sarah Petchell
Stephen Munchenberg
Steve Bell
Taylor Marshall
Tobias Handke
Uppy Chatterjee
Will Oakeshott
Xavier Noonan