The man who was arrested and escorted out of Paul McCartney's concert in Melbourne on Wednesday night has alleged he was "dragged" and "bashed" by police. 

Speaking on 7 News last night (via Yahoo7), Michael Gilchrist called the incident "the worst experience of my life because I was so helpless".

"One of the security people said, 'You can't be here'. And I said 'It's Paul McCartney and we're having a boogie'. And the next thing I know I was just dropped by police," Gilchrist alleged. 

"I was dragged 30 metres, put up against a wall, handcuffed and bashed."

Victoria Police claims Gilchrist was ejected due to drunken behaviour, however Gilchrist alleges he'd only had "three beers".

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In a statement given to The Music, police claim they approached Gilchrist during the show at AAMI Park at about 8.25pm after observing him "becoming verbally aggressive to venue staff".

"Complaints had also been made to venue staff earlier in the night regarding the man’s behaviour to other concert attendees sitting near him," the statement reads.

"Police requested the man return to his seat on numerous occasions to which he refused. Police observed the man to be intoxicated and while attempting to calm him down he threatened members. Members then advised him he was being evicted.

"The man refused to leave the venue and police told the man he was under arrest for being drunk in a public place. The man resisted arrest and was subsequently handcuffed. He was lodged for drunk."

In response to the bashing allegations, police say they "are not aware of any complaint in relation to the arrest".