Aussie singer-songwriter Guy Sebastian will be the face of an upcoming ABC documentary series that champions music education in primary schools.

The new three-part series, Don’t Stop The Music, is currently being filmed in Perth and will see Sebastian take on the role of musical mentor, visiting underprivileged schools with leading music educators who will train teachers.

As a mentor, Sebastian will workshop songs with students and encourage them to take on an instrument, some of which will be donated from the wider community.

“I was a singing teacher in numerous schools in Adelaide and I saw first-hand how music would light up a child’s face and lift them above all the things that weigh them down. Every child deserves that,” Sebastian said.

A National Review of Music Education Report in 2005 showed 63% of primary schools in Australia offered no classroom music and ABC states that recent studies have shown how incorporating music into education can improve literacy, numeracy, confidence, behaviours and wellbeing.