With Confidence have denied speculation they knew of ex-guitarist Luke "Rockets" Thomas' alleged sexual misconduct in a new statement released today. 

The Sydney pop-punk outfit yesterday announced they were parting ways with Thomas after he was allegedly found sending messages of a sexual nature to a 14-year-old female fan on Facebook. 

update: second member accused of sexual misconduct, band axed from 2018 aus music fest

"… We want to make it clear that we were all completely unaware of this unacceptable, irresponsible and disgusting behaviour that has taken place," the band said today. 

"We found out the same time everyone else did and immediately removed Luke from the band and bus. We have zero tolerance for such actions."

The now-three-piece group added that Thomas "kept his private life private" and wouldn't let his former band members near his own mobile phone. 

"We thought this was just the way he was as a person and we were trying to be respectful," the statement continues.

"We feel terrible that we were blind to this, that it was our band, and a person we all thought we knew. We're still in shock of it all and our hearts are broken."

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