Universal Music Group (UMG) and media company Vivendi are being sued for allegedly underpaying royalties on '70s outfit Player's hit song, Baby Come Back.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the allegations come from Overrated Productions, who this year acquired rights to the track, and claim it discovered UMG is willfully underpaying royalties and hiding it by releasing statements that were "intentionally confusing at best and misleading at worst".

In a lawsuit filed in an LA court on Monday, Overrated is suing UMG for breach of contract and dunfair competition, alleging that the rights and master recordings of Baby Come Back were transferred to a European entity to artificially decrease royalty payment by 25%. 

Overrated is asking for up to complete restitution of all profits and for the court to order UMG to return the masters.

UMG is yet to respond to the allegations.