We've heard of scoping out vantage points at live gigs but this is just ridiculous.

One punter at yesterday's This That festival in Newcastle was apparently having such a great time that he took it upon himself to scale the side of the tent and hang from a rope above the audience during Carmada's set.

A reviewer from The Music confirmed that security were forced to clear the area for the male festival-goer who hung from the roof for about 30 seconds, before he fell to the ground.

"As the crowd below cleared the way for his fall, and security promptly waved him down, he dropped—thankfully, still with a smile on his not-so-intelligent dile," the review reads.

It is unclear if the punter was hurt in the fall, however the smile on his face as he was escorted from the tent suggests he escaped without any serious injuries.

Watch the footage below.

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