Pill testing advocates have suggested a planned pill testing trial at next month's Spilt Milk festival in Canberra was called off this week due to pressure being placed on the promoter. 

As Hack reported yesterday, Kicks Entertainment director Ryan Phillips confirmed that trial would not go ahead because relevant "documentation" had not been provided. 

However, speaking on ABC Radio today, Safety Testing Advisory Service at Festivals & Events' Dr David Caldicott said they had not been approached to provide any further documentation then what was already submitted. 

"I think what's happened is that there has been pressure placed upon a promoter, who's a small businessman, and I think that's probably where the root of the problem lies," Caldicott said.

"We have provided every piece of documentation that has been requested."

Caldicott added that he placed "no blame" on Phillips for the axed trial. 

"[Phillips] is trying to put together an event which other forces are happy to use to ensure pill testing in Australia doesn't occur," Caldicott said.

"This has really come out of the blue, which suggests to me that some pressure has been applied and he has been forced to change his mind."