Your complete guide to the 2017 WAMAwards Most Popular New Act nominees. See the full list of nominees here.


Singer Ali Flintoff describes BOAT SHOW as "a garage band of four girls and a token boy, with lyrics about the scum of the earth."

Candy Guts

Heavy-alternative outfit Candy Guts formed at the start of 2017 and within a few months of conceptio, the three-piece began delivering their heavy-hitting, live performance to venues across Perth to much acclaim.

Carla Geneve

Carla Geneve's music is shaped by her experience as a south-west teenager, though her peers, local industry and music fans of all ages are touting her as the best talent to come from this music town in decades. Her debut EP, Storm In A Teacup, was released as a 15-year-old and it pricked ears locally and across West Australia’s South West, producing offers from Fairbridge Festival (2016) and the Nannup Music Festival (2017).

Demon Days

Having already clocked up an impressive string of supports including Sex On Toast, Fortunes, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, POW! Negro and Sampology, Demon Days are a band to watch. They have truly cultivated a sound and finesse far beyond their years and time together as a group.


The various members that makeup Depravity have a 20-year history of performing, touring and recording in various bands worldwide. The commitment and experience of the members involved gives Depravity an authenticity that is overtly recognizable to diehard ears. No gimmicks, no romanticized biography, just indomitable death metal, thoughtfully crafted and performed from the heart.


Feels is the collaboration between Perth based percussionists Elise Reitze and Rosie Taylor, blending percussion and electronics to produce rhythms of obscurity and eclectic sound worlds.


FLOSSY are heavily influenced by '90s grunge and bands of the Riot Grrl movement such as Bikini Kill and Sleater Kinney. They have recently finished recording their debut EP with acclaimed WA producer Dave Parkin at Blackbird Sound Studio which is scheduled for release in early 2018.

Grevious Bodily Calm

Kaitlin Keegan

After working with collective Creatures Of Habit, Kaitlin Keegan decided to get her solo project off the ground. Her voice has been described as 'ethereal', taking inspiration from artists such as Meg Mac, Winehouse and Nai Palm.

Ohm Rune

Ohm Rune have already blown away initial predictions and generated a significant buzz online. They aren't trying to change the world with their blend of desert/stoner metal but that doesn't stop them showing everyone exactly how huge a sound a two-piece act can deliver.


Matching together the soaring melodies of Trivium, with the blistering pace and aggression of The Black Dahlia Murder and Sylosis and peppering it with black metal influences, Remission brings forth a fresh flame, with an inferno of youthful energy, an uncompromising live performance and the ambition to take on the world.


Stella Donnelly

The buzz act of BIGSOUND, Stella Donnelly's live show is hypnotising.

Western Kinsmen Of The Sun

Western Kinsmen Of The Sun make up for an unwieldy moniker, thankfully, with some of the thickest and tastiest psychedelic grooves this side of a bad acid trip. Low and throbbing, the Westies merge Sabbathian riffery with a squelching, slurping fuzz tone, awash with phase and echo, elevating their simple, earworm licks into space-bound psych epics.

Ziggy Ramo

The Perth-based hip hop artist very rapidly went from “emerging” to “established” over the course of 2016, with his insightful, emotional and arresting debut EP, Black Thoughts, very quickly followed up with the telling single, Black Face, and its equally stirring video clip. With a style that owes itself more to the Golden Era of hip hop than the glossy, over-produced, auto-tuned “rap gods” of today, Ramo’s scything flow, effortlessly combined with a politically-charged focus, puts him in a league of his own.


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