After releasing the politically-charged satire of I Still Call Australia Home last month, Aussie comedian Tim Minchin has taken a more sensitive approach in addressing the upcoming same-sex marriage vote, today penning an emotional note to those planning on voting 'no'in the survey.

"Man. I find this shit really, really upsetting," Minchin said in a statement posted to Facebook. 

"You know that whatever happens with Equal Marriage law, the vaguely related debates about sex education, religious privilege, parenting, 'political correctness' and what have you will rage on. This won't stop social progress. Conventions change. We constantly update our understanding of what is moral. We have many times updated our definition of marriage! We tweak. We improve. We try to take into account the wellbeing of the less powerful. Of minorities. And so on.

"And sure, perhaps it's moving too fast for you. I get it. I do. I have loved ones who find it all just too much.

"But I beg you to accept the facts: There are probably a couple of million LGBTQI Aussies. 

"There are hundreds of thousands of gay couples.

"And thousands of family with same-sex parents! 

"THEY EXIST whether you are ready for it or not."

The comic concluded the post by saying the results of the survey will have a huge impact on the country and the LGBTQI community no matter the result.

"It WILL send a message to LGBTQI people. And that message will say one of two things: That the country sees them as equal. Or that we officially see them as lesser.

"The survey has already done terrible damage by unleashing the more bigoted anti-gay voices. Let's end it now. Please. Please? Please."

Read the full post below.