Placebo reportedly stopped their Newcastle show mid-set last night to kick out a few punters who broke out into a fight. 

According to News Corp, frontman Brian Molko stopped the gig at Newcastle Entertainment Centre to call out the aggressors, who then flipped off the singer in response. 

"You wanna give me the finger?" Molko said.

"All of you, you're all leaving… yeah especially you, baseball cap backwards."

The crowd reportedly cheered as one of the accused punters was escorted from the venue. 

"What a waste of time and money," Molko said to the audience.

"We're working here, we're trying to do a good show for you guys, we're doing our best.

"It really, really doesn't help when people punch each other, or bump into each other, it is just nonsense.

"So let’s all just try and take care of each other tonight."

Check out fan-shot footage of the incident below. 

Placebo's Australian tour kicked off with controversy last week, as the UK rockers were forced to call of their Perth show hours before they were set to hit the stage due to illness. 

It was confirmed yesterday that the band will not be rescheduling a concert this time around for their WA fans.