Eclectic Brisbane band Boss Moxi are set to return to the stage for a very special performance at The Zoo this weekend, in what's set to be their only show for 2017.

The gig will serve as the live debut for their impending second album, Egotoxin, which is set for release next year (along with an accompanying graphic novel) and continues the narrative groundwork laid down in their debut full-length, Oddball.

"We've taken the character from Oddball and thrown him into a new town, a new city and a new narrative," the band said in a statement, describing the performance as "an hour-long song".

It's obvious that Boss Moxi believe in staging more than your run-of-the-mill music show, though, with visual and theatrical elements intertwined with their jazz-infused garage-rock goodness to create what the band say will be their "most elaborate and immersive" live outing yet.

The band have undergone a bit of a roller-coaster in recent years, having first formed in 2009 and earning a dedicated following before going on hiatus in 2015.

Now eight members strong — including ex-Guttermouth member Alex Flamsteed, Morgan Brown of Shady Bliss and composer/instrumentalist Joshua Rivory among their ranks — the band have returned to action with a renewed focus and passion, stoked by a "life-changing" trip to India during last year.

Indeed, so far have the band come since their early days that vocalist/guitarist Brayden Doig describes the impending gig as being, essentially, "the first-ever true Boss Moxi show".

"It's taken the last eight years for this band to understand itself," he told The Music. "To understand what we want to say; a concrete concept. Now that we have found that, it's consumed the band in seeing it properly conveyed."

When Egotoxin does land in 2018 (via Bedlam Records), the band will be adhering to a 'zero-dollar price tag' philosophy, preferring instead to reap the rewards sown through their years of hard work, relationship-building and a belief in the goodwill of other people.

The sensory smorgasbord goes down this Saturday, 16 September, at The Zoo. Boss Moxi will be supported by Brissy groovers QUAZI, 11-piece psych-brass-metal-rock-opera ensemble Valtozash and solo artist Julia R Anderson.

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