If you weren't up to speed, Amy Shark is a huge blink-182 fan. More specifically, the Gold Coast songwriter is a huge Tom Delonge fan.

In fact, after meeting in the US earlier this year, the blink and Angels & Airwaves frontman returned the favour and praised Shark's music on social media

And speaking to Dave & Neil on The Music Podcast this month, Shark opened up on her dream meeting with Delonge in Encinitas and revealed that the two now speak regularly and have discussed the possibility of writing together. 

"One of the last emails I have is from Tom," Shark said.

"I've been sending him demos and he was like, 'Hey, I'm doing some more music. Maybe we can do something together.' 

"I don't want to say that that's gonna happen, 'cause I don't wanna start rumours… but it's amazing, it's really hard to digest all that."

Being an avid blink and AVA fan, Shark told the boys it was hard to not ask Delonge about the bands and the controversy surrounding his departure from blink over dinner and drinks.

"It was really funny, because I was hammering him with a few questions and then I realised 'What are you doing?' and I said to him, 'I'm really sorry for asking all these questions, you're probably so sick of it.’ And he's like, 'I never talk about it with anyone. No one really asks me.' 

"It's like people just stay clear of that convo and I was just obviously a couple of beers deep and I'm like, 'blink this, blink that….'"

Delonge himself has said publicly that the door is not closed on him returning to blink and Shark backed that up, saying, "It's definitely not a write-off, him coming back. That’s something we can hold on to I think".

Listen to the full story on the podcast with Shark below.

Sia XXX + Charli XCX + MO + Amy Shark
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Vanfest 2017 feat.
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Sia XXX + Charli XCX + MO + Amy Shark
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Beyond the Valley 2017 feat.
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