Last week's BIGSOUND event in Brisbane saw a lot of live music roll through the streets of Fortitude Valley, and the good folks at Bolster — the brains behind measurement website and app BIGSOUND Buzz — were keeping tabs on all the mentions, hashtags and shoutouts surrounding the showcase acts.

With the dust now settled from last week's mammoth event, here's a look at the top 10 most buzzed-about artists from across its three nights (bear in mind that these results reflect the period before the announcement of the Levi's Music Prize winner, as well as the ensuing changes over the weekend, so… don't let that throw you).

According to BIGSOUND Buzz, the most talked-about act of the week was none other than Alex The Astronaut, which should come as not too big a surprise given the line-up outside her Thursday-night showcase. In fact, she didn't drop from the #1 spot for the duration of the event.

Driven by their announcement as a support act on the upcoming Foo Fighters tour, stalwart punk band Clowns nabbed the silver, just ahead of indie darlings of the moment Cub Sport, who've been riding a massive wave of acclaim in recent months (and remained at #3 from Wednesday through the event's finish).

International fly-ins SLØTFACE took the #4 spot for their raved-about debut Australian show in Brisbane, while heavy-hitters Polaris made a big-enough noise to nab #5.

Amid being showered with praise by anyone who came within earshot, West Australian singer-songwriter Stella Donnelly claimed #6 in the stakes — again, this was before she also took out the Levi's Music Prize come Friday morning, so we'd imagine she very well may actually have emerged a few rungs above what's reflected here; indeed, she's the #1 of the past 24 hours, and #2 of the past 48 — while Northern Territory performer Caiti Baker was #7.

At #8, ascendant hip-hop artist Manu Crook$ got tongues wagging for his showcase appearances, while the eclectic prog-rock experimentalists in Osaka Punch — likely also buoyed by their recent new single and tour announcement — took out #9.

Rounding out the top 10 in the chatter stakes was the incredible Didirri, whose voice and songwriting intelligence are already earning him a reputation as one to watch intently as the next year unfolds.

Statistically, Wednesday saw the largest amount of talk generated on the social channels, as well as visits to BIGSOUND Buzz to check how everything was progressing along.

Interestingly, Amyl & The Sniffers — another Foo Fighters support — generated a late burst of interest following their Tuesday-night showcase, but were unfortunately unable to back that up with their planned Thursday night spot due to an injury befalling frontwoman Amy Taylor.

You can take a look at how it's all changed in the time since Friday (as well as over the wider week) at BIGSOUND Buzz's website.

BIGSOUND Buzz: Tuesday to Thursday

  1. Alex The Astronaut
  2. Clowns
  3. Cub Sport
  5. Polaris
  6. Stella Donnelly
  7. Caiti Baker
  8. Manu Crook$
  9. Osaka Punch
  10. Didirri

BIGSOUND Buzz: past 24 Hours

  1. Stella Donnelly
  2. Easy Life
  3. Belle Haven
  4. Deadlights
  6. Miss Blanks
  7. Polaris
  8. Washington
  9. Osaka Punch
  10. Jess Locke

BIGSOUND Buzz: Past 48 Hours

  1. Alex The Astronaut
  2. Stella Donnelly
  3. Easy Life
  5. Belle Haven
  7. Deadlights
  8. Ruby Fields
  9. Polaris
  10. Kylie Auldist

BIGSOUND Buzz: Past 7 Days

  1. Cub Sport
  2. Clowns
  4. Alex The Astronaut
  5. Stella Donnelly
  6. Polaris
  7. Didirri
  8. Caiti Baker
  10. Osaka Punch