New Zealand indie-folk band Alae are in the midst of quite the busy spell, releasing a video for their new single, From 1 To 3, as well as announcing the arrival of a new member and a trio of Aussie shows next month.

From 1 To 3 is the band's second single to land since November's self-titled debut EP, following in the wake of warmly received jam Things Change. Written by vocalist Alex Farrell-Davey during a sojourn in Melbourne, the song's origins were a more "mopey kind of cynical", he says, but morphed over time into a more ebullient whole.

"Over the years, the song, and its theme, have changed entirely," he said in a statement. "The chorus listens to the first verse and its cynicism, responding with a more positive idea."

That positivity has clearly paid off in a larger sense, as the band welcome new drummer Jayden Lee to the fold ahead of their impending run of shows in Australia, a journey that Farrell-Davey tells The Music the band are "pumped" for.

"The last show we played in Aussie, we were only a two-piece," he said. "Now we've got a new drummer, a bigger sound and some new material to show off!"

Their tour follows a round of shows on their home turf and comprises two Brisbane gigs and an outing in Melbourne in early September.

Check out the video for From 1 To 3 below, and head to theGuide for all the details on their upcoming trip.

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