There have been a lot of great re-enactments of Beyonce's Single Ladies music video in the past, but this easily takes the cake. 

As ABC reports, members from Chadstone Bowls Club have teamed up to recreate the 2008 track and clip in a bid to save the venue which is at risk of redevelopment. 

The video takes aim at the Stonnington City Council who last year nominated the club as the preferred site for a new $25 million indoor stadium.

Since being uploaded to Facebook on Saturday, the video has been viewed by over 547,000 times.

Save Chaddy Bowls committee member Denise Wallis was the driving force behind the Beyonce project.

"If you ask the ladies, they didn't know what they were in for," Wallish said.

"I think they are starting to enjoy the notoriety."

Chadstone Bowls Club has been on the site in question since 1958, however the Council are yet move forward with the proposal.

"The bowling club is not just a just sporting outlet, for many people it's their connection with their community," Wallish said.

"We have a man in his 90s who said he would chain himself to the fence to save it."

See the full clip below.