The Cat Empire brass-man Harry James Angus has announced a national tour in partnership with the gigs-at-home gurus of Parlour, bringing his new live project, Struggle With Glory, to domiciles across the country this year.

Given that Parlour gigs are invite-only affairs, and hosts must apply to hold the shows, dates and venues are still up in the air for the tour, but that degree of malleability extends to the way in which Angus will present his Struggle With Glory show.

Dependent on space and setting, some performances may be semi-acoustic, others a cappella, others still featuring a full nine-piece band and choir.

"I'm teaming up with Parlour to come and play songs in your lounge room," Angus enthused in a statment. "For me, the true test of musicianship is still walking into a stranger's home, sharing some music, and waiting for that special moment that can be set off by the ping of a doorbell or some stoic uncle's unexpected tears.

"Seriously, some people start crying in the weirdest moments. People laugh, heckle, or helpfully suggest a direction for the musicians to follow, and so multiple possibilities present themselves. It's in this kind of intimate setting that musical expression can be truly free."

Struggle With Glory — a transportation of Greco-Roman myths into "a surreal world of old-time jazz, second-line brass, and gospel music" — has not yet made its debut to the general public, meaning these shows will be the first chance audiences have to see Angus' new project live before he takes it to a string of arts festivals in 2018.

Watch a clip of Angus and his band performing Kill The Priest, at a special industry launch of the show last week in Melbourne, below.

Parlour are taking applications for hosts for the tour now; if you're keen to welcome the show into your home, head to their website and start the process.

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