In addition to this morning's news about the relaunch of UNIFIED as UNIFIED Music Group and its move to a new head office in Melbourne, The Music has been fortunate enough to hear from chief operating officer Matthew Rogers, who — along with photographs by Patrick Galvin — has painted a pretty vivid picture of the whys and wherefores of the company's shake-up and fancy new surrounds.

Have a read of what Rogers had to say about UNIFIED Music Group's rebranding and the thought and creative process that went into shaping their fresh digs, and take a gander through Galvin's pics below.

"We started with one of the most incredible blank canvas two-storey warehouse spaces," Rogers told The Music. "Upstairs, there are high open ceilings with light shining in through graffiti-covered windows and bowling alley floorboards; the 12-foot ceilings downstairs leave a vast space for our merchandise warehouse. We chose to work with Projects Of Imagination as they were the first to understand the simplicity in execution we were looking for in our new office — our offices don’t need to be extravagant; we let our artists run the show. FICUS Constructions did the renovations on our favourite pub that happens to be right next door — the Corner Hotel — I asked them to build our office while drinking a pint and they nailed it!

"The re-brand is about the evolution of UNIFIED."

"The project started in November 2016, when the warehouse team moved in and will finish in a few weeks when our new 24Hundred retail store opens. Upstairs in the offices we have worked in with the red brick and timber floors to create a flowing open space with multiple meeting rooms. As a lawyer, my world is filled with a paper-trail but we wanted to create something different — we wanted to declutter the work environment so we work with about 95% of our work in the cloud and as little paper as possible! Downstairs, our 24Hundred retail store will return as a destination for fans with instores and sales; our warehouse operation has space to grow and a new writing studio and content room will open in the new year for our artists.

"This is our third home on Wangaratta St, Richmond, in 12 years and when we were creating our new home we felt it was also a good time to look internally at everything we do. The re-brand is about the evolution of UNIFIED — we started with just eight people in Melbourne managing artists and releasing heavy music records; UNIFIED Music Group now employs 34 people around the world releasing records of many genres, touring artists and running festivals, managing over 20 artists and running the biggest online merchandise business in Australia. The re-brand clarifies our business internally and ultimately for the industry and our customers."

All photos by Patrick Galvin.