Over the past six years, Italian bass wizard Davide Biale — AKA Davie504 — has steadily built himself a nice little YouTube army of fans with his array of increasingly eclectic solo videos.

In recent times, fuelled by challenges from his 765,000-strong audience, he's taken to impressive but kind of ridiculous gimmicks like playing Tool using tools, or Red Hot Chili Peppers played with an actual red hot chilli pepper, or using a fidget spinner as a pick, or playing a solo without any strings at all, because the internet is an insatiable beast who demands an ever-heightening degree of insanity from its entertainers.

But, at the base of it all, the guy is really just a crazy-talented bassist, as even the most cursory of glances at his extensive array of videos goes to show.

It's a fact driven home by his latest effort, a four-string rendition of DragonForce's epic Through The Fire & Flames, a notorious favourite of Guitar Hero III show-offs the world over.

Given the British power-metal outfit just wrapped a tour of Australia, the timing on this one — Davie504 only just uploaded it in the past couple days — seems too serendipitous not to share it with you all.

To be totally fair, he only goes for just under three minutes — the original tune is over seven minutes long — but, then again, his playing stamina is definitely not in question, especially considering he recently played RHCP's Can't Stop for over an hour straight (because, per the user challenge, he...uh... couldn't stop; Jesus, his fans are kind of a nightmare).

Anyway, here's a far more impressive and watchable video. It's already accrued over 455,000 views in the past day and a bit, and you can add to the count below.

Check out the rest of Davie504's work on YouTube.