Wil Anderson has laughed off his arrest at Wagga Wagga airport during a comedy show in the city over the weekend. 

As News Corp responds, the 43-year-old comic was arrested on the airport tarmac on Saturday after Qantas alleged that he was disruptive and failed to follow basic crew instructions. 

However, after turning up to his sold-out Civic Theatre show more than half an hour late due to the arrest, Anderson reportedly took it all in his stride and went on to praise the Wagga Wagga police. 

According to the Daily Advertiser, Anderson said his dealings with police was "good cop, good cop, better cop, fucking awesome cop" and that being handcuffed and put in a paddy wagon was "like a hot tub, without the fun part of water".

A spokesperson for Anderson described the dispute with Qantas as a "misunderstanding" in a statement on Saturday.

"Wil has osteoarthritis and an exit row seat was booked to ensure comfort ahead of this evening's gig.

"A flight attendant questioned if he should be sitting near an emergency door and moved him from that seat, which he objected to.

"A misunderstanding took place and on arrival in Wagga Wagga he cooperated with the local police who took him to the station.

"After 10 minutes of enquiries he was released without charge and performed his show as scheduled."

Anderson also joked during his Civic Theatre gig that Qantas may have mistaken his strapped back as a bomb.

Police have since confirmed that no charges were made following Anderson's arrest.