For most of us, puberty is an awful time full of acne, growth spurts, weird feelings and a general, pervasive sense of discomfort with the world.

For some, though, like 14-year-old muso and M-Phazes apprentice Ruel, it's a time to discover you have a voice like a 25-year-old soul angel and can make a country's jaw collectively drop when you front up to provide vocals for your mentor/collaborator's Like A Version appearance on triple j, becoming the youngest-ever performer for the segment in the process.

Australia first met Ruel back in April, when he made his debut on M-Phazes' Golden Years. As the elder collaborator told triple j at the time, he first discovered Ruel as a 12-year-old, and has spent the past two years nurturing that talent to become the silky-smooth songsmith he is today.

"I was sent a demo and it just blew me away," M-Phazes told the station. "I heard the voice and I just bugged out."

Yeah, you and the rest of us, mate.

Watch the young up-and-comer absolutely fucking crush the lead on this morning's cover of Jack Garratt's Weathered below.