Listen up people, there’s a brand new podcast in town! The Music is proud to present episode one of The Lashes, a new weekly rundown of the best and worst of the zeitgeist.

Based on the popular column published by The Music, the show is presented by Arts and Culture Editor Maxim Boon and Assistant Editor Sam Wall. In each episode, they’ll be skewering their ‘backlashes’ - those trends, occurrences, and stories that deserve a dressing down – as well as praising their ‘frontlashes’ – those events that have made the week worth living.

In episode one, Maxim and Sam talk all things Trump, the endlessly entertaining scandal makers of MasterChef, ScoMo' s transformation into the Scat Man , and the glorious lunacy of Eurovision. They’ll also be joined by special guest, Editor of Time Out Melbourne Rose Johnstone, who’ll be taking aim at fake fans of Twin Peaks. The Lashes also features original music by Daniel Cribb.

The show closes with a segment titled Lashing Out, in which Maxim and Sam take to the streets to road test a different activity. For this debut episode, the intrepid pair give Geocaching a red hot go (with mixed results).

The Lashes will be published weekly on a Wednesday, available on Soundcloud and Apple Play.