The Aussie DJ who protested the Anzac Day dawn service last month has declined to enter a plea in court today, after he confessed that he was not aware of the number of charges he is facing, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Joe Mekhael, who was arrested at Martin Place last month and hit with three charges, including behaving in an offensive manner in a public place, appeared at Downing Centre today without a solicitor and initially pleaded not guilty to what he thought was only two charges.

However, Mekhael was seemingly caught off guard when registrar Kerrie O’Rourke asked if the not guilty plea would cover all three of his charges.

“Three? I was under the impression it was two,” Mekhael said.

The 32-year-old withdrew his plea and declined to enter a new one, instead requesting the trial be pushed back several months so that he had time to read over the charges, which was denied.

The new date has been moved to 15 June.

Mekhael shared a video of himself outside the court prior to his trial today slamming the “ridiculous charges”.

Watch below.