Two Melbourne nightclub promoters have been sentenced to prison after being caught attempting to smuggle almost $60 million worth of ice into the country last year

As The Age reports, Raymond Lach and An Ken Vi, both 24, will serve nine years in jail before they are eligible for parole. 

Lach and Vi, who were employed by popular trance promoter Majik Entertainment at the time of the arrest, were among eight of the people caught attempting to traffic 275kg of methamphetamine concealed in udon noodle packets.

"How each of you became seduced by the prospect of quick money to become involved in this is very difficult to understand," Judge Maidment told the promoters in court.

"It is tragic that either of you sit in the dock."

Maidment said Lach and Vi both played important parts in the drug syndicate and described them as "foot soldiers", while the two men both refused to give evidence about their roles. 

Lach and Vi have both already served 305 days in custody.