New triple j breakfast hosts Ben & Liam had a steady outing in their first radio ratings earlier this year, but, following today's release of the second survey for 2017, the duo appear to have a lot of work to do in bringing the numbers back for the youth broadcaster. 

In a statement given to The Music this morning, triple j Content Director, Ollie Wards, said, "In today's ratings Ben and Liam are up in breakfast in Sydney and Perth which is a great result for the new team.

"Like any new breakfast show they'll take a good part of the year to settle in, so we're happy with how they're performing this early in the year.

"We always look at the patterns and trends over longer periods of time, rather than individual surveys, to get a more accurate reading of the ratings. So we'll continue to work on connecting with our audience all over Australia throughout the year."

See the metro ratings figures below. Click on image for larger version.


The Sydney market proved to be one of the kinder cities for Ben & Liam, as the lads managed to increase the breakfast slot share up by 0.2 points to an overall share of 5.5. It's tough to compare their results to previous hosts Matt & Alex this early on but given that radio is a results-driven business, it may surprise to know that this time last year, the former duo had scored a share of 7.1

Elsewhere Kyle & Jackie O took out the FM breakfast crown yet again despite dropping 1.2 points, while Smooth FM is again the city's #1 FM station, with an overall weekday share of 9.7.


Ben & Liam took a disappointing hit in Melbourne, dropping 1.0 points to claim an overall share of 2.9 (compared to Matt & Alex's 4.6 this time last year).

However, it would be unfair to put the blame solely on the breakfast slot, as significant drops were felt across the board giving the network an overall weekday share of 3.8, down 1.5 from the first survey of 2017. 

Meanwhile, Smooth FM has also clinched the highest overall weekday share for FM in Melbourne, pulling ahead with a score of 9.4. 


The second survey for 2017 hasn't been kind to triple j's Brisbane market either, with even bigger drops experienced in every time slot.

While Ben & Liam fell by 1.2 points to hold an overall share of 5.9 (compared to Matt & Alex's 6.7 this time last year), triple j dropped a staggering 2.2 points in the overall weekday share thanks to massive hits in the drive (dropped 4.4 points), evening (dropped 2.9 points) and afternoon (dropped 2.7 points) slots. 

A number of networks were well in the running for the city's most listened to FM station, however it was Nova 106.9 that won the race, taking in an overall weekday share of 14.1, up 3.0 points from the last survey.


But if triple j's Brisbane market wasn't nice, then Adelaide should be considered a disaster. 

Ben & Liam dropped 0.7 points but still claimed an impressive 7.5 share (compared to Matt & Alex's 6.5 this time last year), but it was drops in the afternoon (down 4.4 points), drive (down 3.6 points) and evening (down 3.5 points) slots that hurt the most, resulting in triple j pulling in an overall weekday share of 6.9, down 2.6 from the first survey of 2017.

Mix 102.9 can continue to call itself Adelaide's favourite station for a few more weeks, as its overall weekday share of 12.9 ensured it beat the rest of the FM pack comfortably.


Despite only increasing their share by 0.2 points, Ben & Liam were really the only good news for triple j in Perth, with drops yet again in every other slot. 

While Ben & Liam pulled a share of 8.0 (compared to Matt & Alex's 10.7 this time last year), afternoon and drive were hurt the most, resulting in triple j clinching an overall weekday share of 8.6, down 1.1 from the previous survey.

It wasn't even close as far as the FM stations were concerned for who is at the top, as Mix 94.5 retained the FM crown with an overall weekday share of 15.2, well ahead of Hit 92.9 who finished in second with a share of 11.4.