Locals residing near the same Sydney mansion Justin Bieber and Adele rented out during their time in the city this month have complained to council and police about excessive noise and foot traffic in the neighbourhood. 

As The Daily Telegraph reports, the Mosman residence has been the centre of attention for nearly a month now and local residents are citing Bieber's stay in particular which caused disturbances. 

Neighbours reportedly called police last week as the Canadian singer could be heard partying in the mansion pool at 3am, while black SUVs and screaming fans were a regular feature on Coronation Avenue.

"Partying until 3am in the morning isn't the most pleasant situation," a local who asked to remain anonymous told The Daily Telegraph.

"We would have hoped the owner would have warned us about this, but nothing.

"Our streets were filled with big black SUVs and there were people all over the streets for days."

Meanwhile, another neighbour has alleged scaffolding and black tarps were erected around the mansion to give Adele privacy during her separate stay at the home earlier this month, which is expecting to be sold for over $20 million by businessman Cameron MacDonald.

"They put up scaffolding around the backyard with black sheeting, it blocked out everything, I believe that was before Adele arrived," local Lynette Elsegood said.

"I rang and spoke to council to ask if they could do that. Council said it was for work being done to the property, but the scaffolding was a continuation of the fence… eventually it was taken down."

Mosman Council confirmed that a complaint was made about "unapproved scaffolding" and it was removed soon after.