A local Perth artist has scored praise from Hollywood heavyweights and Marvel favourites Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds for a Logan mural in WA.

WA artist and musician Steve Browne was commissioned by Fox to create a mural in Victoria Park raising awareness for the new Wolverine film – Jackman’s final time in the role after 16 years – and it has gone viral in recent days after a nod on Facebook and Twitter from Logan himself.

“Awesome local artist murals popping up all over Australia,” Jackman said, sharing an image of the mural coming together.

Reynolds then retweeted the image to almost 5 million follows saying, “I have one of these murals on the hood of my car. Best decision ever.”

As a big comic book fan, Browne found the praise “a little surreal”.

“Honestly, I was kind of numb to it at first,” Browne told The Music. “I was on the way to an exhibition that I had some work in, after being told about it and I was a little pre-occupied with the night.

“I think when Ryan Reynolds shared it I thought, 'Wait, Hugh Jackman shared my mural?!' And it hit me.”

As for the film itself, Browne loved it. “[It is] hell gritty and about time we see exactly what those claws are capable of.”

As well as working on numerous music videos, Browne has another solo exhibition soon, all the details of which you can find via his website.