The family of the punter who died at this past weekend's Rainbow Serpent festival have slammed organisers for failing to provide a "safe environment".

As News Corp reports, Jacob Langford collapsed and died the Victorian event after "accidentally skolling a substance he believed was safe but ended up being a poisonous product meant only for inhaling".

Langford's mother and sisters said in a statement, "The festival goes way too long without affordable food and drink.

"With that much heat and dehydration, it does not equal a safe environment.

"He was an inspiration and adored by all, younger and older, and was a hero to his cousins, aunties and two sisters."

The electronic music festival has been plagued with tragedy in the past, after Daniel Buccianti passed away at Rainbow Serpent in 2012.

Police are reportedly calling for changes to be made to the festival due to the death, as well due to more than 30 punters being charged with drug-driving offences and six people charged with drug trafficking last weekend. 

The Music has contacted Rainbow Serpent organisers for comment.