UPDATE: Bliss N Eso's management have confirmed that the incident took place at the filming of a music clip for the band. Their statement is below.

"We are able to confirm the death of a person occurred today at the filming of a Bliss N Eso music clip. The band were not on site at the time. The video production crew and our team are currently working with the police in their investigation and we are unable to provide further comment at this time."

Queensland Police have confirmed that the film set on which a man in his 20s was accidentally shot fatally today belonged to a music-video production.

As Tone Deaf notes, earlier reports of the incident had indicated that the deceased was a stuntman for the production of Pacific Rim: Uprising, which is being filmed in the Brisbane CBD. 

However, representatives for that movie have confirmed their set was not in operation today, while a QPS press conference has revealed further details about the victim, including that they were "an actor, not a stuntperson", according to ABC journalist Casey Briggs.

Also per Tone Deaf, visual artist James Hillier reported that the music video, being filmed at local establishment The Brooklyn Standard, was for Australian hip hop outfit Bliss N Eso, in a tweet to AAP journalist Shae McDonald. This detail has since been confirmed by the ABC.

According to police, the circumstances that led to the fatal shooting are still unknown, and the death will be treated as a criminal investigation "until proven otherwise".

Detective Inspector Tom Armitt told the press that Qld Police are "working hand in hand" with Qld Workplace Safety, with ABC further relaying that "a number of firearms were used during the scene", though the type of ammunition, and whether the broader arsenal was live or real, is unknown at present.

The Music has reached out to Bliss N Eso's representatives for comment.