Popular WA hotspot, Brass Monkey Hotel, has been forced to apologise after it received a wave of criticism for displaying offensive banners outside the venue.

As Perth Now reports, the Northbridge-based venue was skewered online for putting up a number of tasteless signs with slogans that read "Our couch pulls out but we don't", "Daughter drop off point" and "You teach her morals we'll teach her oral".

The overwhelmingly negative reaction to the signs prompted Brass Monkey Hotel management to issue an apology on its Facebook page last night, insisting the banners were put in place to promote its upcoming NYE frat party-themed event. 

"The team meant no offence or harm to anyone by the messages written on these banners and can see how they are inappropriate," the statement reads.

"These banners have now been taken down and will not be put up again."

Meanwhile, rival bar across the road, Mechanics' Institute, hit back at the Brass Monkey, displaying its own banner outside that reads "Women are amazing".

"We normally don't like to comment on other bars and their doings," a statement posted on the Mechanics' Institute Facebook reads.

"But we thought we should hang our own banner in contrast to the stupidity across the road "(sorry for the lack of arts and craft skills)."

Read Brass Monkey's full statement here