The music industry has changed drastically in the past 10 years alone, so just imagine the landscape when music icon Elton John and longtime collaborator Bernie Taupin teamed up half a century ago.

It was well before the rise of YouTube that some of the pair’s biggest hits were unleashed into the world, and as a result, timeless classics Tiny Dancer, Rocket Man and Bennie And The Jets that dropped in the ‘70s don’t have music videos – which is where aspirating filmmakers come into the mix as part of John’s The Cut project.

As part of an intuitive with YouTube, new talent from across the globe will have their chance to create the official music videos for the aforementioned megahits, with entries to the competition opening Jan 9 via the Elton John: The Cut website.

Each music video will revolve around a different style, with Rocket Man in animation, Tiny Dancer live-action and Bennie And The Jets featuring choreography; all-around a fitting allocation.

“We’re excited to partner with YouTube to bring together generations of artists and music lovers around a shared passion for storytelling,” John said.

“YouTube is a rich tapestry of creativity and I can’t wait to see how the breadth of talent from the dance, live-action and animation communities applies their vision to these cherished songs.”

The website contains a detailed brief for each song with submission guidelines which YouTube content creators, musicians and other revered members of the industry alongside John and Taupin will use to select three winners.

YouTube will supply each winner with the resources required to create their video supported by the production studio behind Beyonce’s Lemonade.

Entries close Jan 23.