Samuel Johnson, the actor who portrayed national music icon Molly Meldrum in this year's hugely successful miniseries Molly, has slammed a campaign launched by his own sisters for him to win a Logie award. 

As noted by The Daily Telegraph, Johnson took to his family's charity Facebook page, Love Your Sister, to dismiss the campaign, after his sisters duped him into staying offline for the weekend so they could announce the campaign without him knowing. 

While he thanked his sisters for the gesture, Johnson expressed disappointment that Love Your Sister was promoting a message not dedicated to its cause.  

"We share our family in the hope that it will encourage other mums to be proactive about their health ('don't fall into the booby-trap')," the statement reads.

"We share our family to try in some small way to reinforce the importance of scientific endeavour (sorry, positive thinking and apricot kernels won't cure cancer). But most importantly, we try to encourage action by taking action ourselves."

The post continues, "So, right in the middle of the hectickest, most successful period Love Your Sister has EVER experienced my two bonehead sisters decided to shift ALL of that momentum towards TV Week. So that we can win a shiny trophy. Are you starting to see it from my perspective yet?

"I can hear you now. 'But a Logie will inspire more actions!'. Well yes, if you win. If we don't win, it's a hell of a lot of wasted actions. That's my point. That's why I didn't yell and scream about getting your vote in the first place. Of course I want a Logie. Desperately, if I'm honest. It would open so many more doors for us. But the numbers don't add up. We're up against PR machines, ya know?

"So what’s my solution? All I feel I can really do is encourage anyone who hasn’t already to purchase a metre ($2.90) for Connie’s Big Heart Project? We’re on our way to busting the mint, breaking a world record, raising a mint for cancer research and fulfilling the dreams of a sick mum. That seems most important to me.

"But if you’re going to insist on helping me out too, let’s at least leave this Gold Logie nonsense alone, shall we? We just don’t have the numbers and we want Carrie to win that one anyway. If Carrie took out the Gold and I got up for the Silver, then that’d be pretty spesh. So if you must, I’ll take your vote, but only after you’ve seriously considered the merits of the two ‘actions’. One helps cures cancer, the other one inflates my already oversized ego. The choice is clear."

See the full post below.

Johnson's comments follow Adnews' report that Molly was the highest rating-non sports show of 2016.

The 38-year-old is up for Best Lead Actor In A Television Drama gong at this week's AACTA awards for his work in Molly, while the two-part series is also nominated in the Best Telefeature Or Miniseries category.