If you’ve only just stumbled onto the depths of the Adelaide music scene or want a refresher, you've come to the right place.

With the SAM Awards nominees dropping earlier this week and the public voted categories open now via theMusic.com.au, here’s everything you need to know about this year’s talent.

Blues/Roots — read more

“Profound and soulful energy.”

“No promise of slowing down any time soon.”

“A melting pot of indie, blues, folk, and Celtic bushman brassy punk.”

Country — read more

“Honky-tonk, cowboy-boot wearin' certified country if you ever saw it.”

“Her music and passion is both humbling and inspiring.”

“…represents everything great about Australiana music.”

Electronic — read more

“An eclectic mix of sounds and a fresh vibe.”

“A top-notch performer and songster in his own right.”

“Further escalates the whirlwind dance-worthy sounds.”

Experimental/Avant Garde — read more

“A transformative piece of sound.”

“Some sort of hybrid between math-pop, krautrock and art-rock.”

“A solid release from the ever-evolving act.”

Folk/Acoustic — read more

“Charm and swing with absolute soul.”

“Forlorn journeys and turbulences of the heart.”

“… anything but dirty and every bit Frank.”

Heavy — read more

“Something for every listener and every mood.”

“Blending an abundance of musical styles and emotions.”

“Bringing everything brilliant about punk rock to the table of Adelaide's heavy scene.”

Hip-Hop — read more

“A huge range of musical styles.”

“Insightful poetry over his self-produced beats.”

“Unique flow and innovative sound.”

Jazz — read more

“A combination of pure skill, technique and passion.”

“… passion for music shines through.”

"Has developed her sound and voice internationally."

Pop — read more

“The band's sound shimmers with creativity and a luscious, tuneful appeal.”

“You don't need to overproduce something to sound good.”

“A smooth blend of guitars and drums.”

Rock — read more

“The grunge, dark pop gang are sure to do big things in the years to come.”

“Driving synths and crashing guitars.”

“Relentless funk, soul and progressive rock.”