Only a couple of weeks out from embarking on their recently announced national tour in honour of new album Midnight At The Plutonium, beloved Brisbane-bred indie ensemble The John Steel Singers have tinged the trip with a degree of bittersweetness, advising that they'll be going on hiatus at the conclusion of the run.

In a lengthy and heartfelt post made to their Facebook page, the band acknowledged that their lives have become "peculiarly busy" in recent times, making it difficult to perpetuate any facade of consistency in their activities together. At any rate, the decision has not sprung forth from any bubbling animosity or discontent among the band. In fact, it sounds like their inter-relationships are in as good a shape as ever, with the band writing, "[W]e still love each other very much and will still make lots of music together".

"There is a brand new child in the band, a brand new bar [and] a brand new business, and the ongoing challenge of balancing life with touring has led to the decision of halting the touring life for now," the band wrote in the post.

"It hasn't been an easy decision but it has been made easier by the fact that we made a goddamn beautiful decision and built ourselves a studio so we can look forward to making music again when the time is right."

Of course, they've got their national tour to get through before we're forced to confront the reality that all good things must eventually come to an end; and, with the inclusion of Kirsty Tickle on saxophone and vocals, as well as Jonathan Boulet on percussion, "as well as all the pals we can get on stage", it's safe to say that they're looking to go out with a bang, for however long they may be stepping away from the spotlight.

The John Steel singers kick off their Midnight At The Plutonium — and pre-hiatus — tour at Toowoomba's Spotted Cow on Friday 19 August. They've also got dates lined up in Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth on their way out. 

For a full rundown of dates, venues and other booking information, see theGuide.

Read the band's full announcement below.